Skånes Auktionsverk is today one of southern Sweden's leading auction houses with the geographic location in the heart of the Öresund region, with its 3.9 million inhabitants. Since the 1980s, the company, formerly known as Anders Antik, has conveyed the sale of art, antiques and modern design to customers worldwide.

Our online auctions every second week mixes high quality items from well-known designers and great artists with more everyday items even for the smaller wallet. Our auctions are simply too good to be missed! Follow the exciting bidding live through our website.

Skåne Auktionsverks ambition is to impart knowledge and joy around antiques and design which at our auctions will find new owners. Here you can largely replace everything in your home, sell what no longer fits and instead buy something beautiful, fun or interesting in an art historical meaning. Auction is also, at a time when natural resource issues are increasingly put in focus, a great way to reuse objects in an environmentally friendly manner.